How to Prepare for an Office Carpet Cleaning

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How to Prepare for an Office Carpet CleaningThe condition of your carpets can be one of the last things you think about when considering your office building, but a professional carpet cleaning can help brighten things up a bit in the workplace. Here’s how you can prepare for an office carpet cleaning:

  • Vacuum your carpets. Not all carpet cleaning companies will require that you do this before they come, but it does allow them to get started right away.
  • Clear a parking space. Your carpet cleaning company will have large vans or trucks filled with cleaning equipment. You can ease the situation by clearing a parking space that’s right by the door to give them easy access in and out of the building.
  • Pin up trailing fabrics. Trailing fabrics like floor-length curtains and long tablecloths can get in the way of an office carpet cleaning. You can make things easier on your cleaning company by pinning up the fabrics ahead of time, so they don’t touch the floor.
  • Remove the furniture. Depending on the depth of the cleaning, you may need to move as much furniture as you can from the rooms being cleaned, though some carpet cleaning companies will do this for you. If the company does move the furniture for you, notify them of any fragile items before they start.
  • Be ready to point out spots of concern. Be sure to let your cleaners know if you have specific areas of concern, including pesky stains, concerning odors, or mold.

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