Will Upholstery Cleaning Really Extend the Life of My Furniture?

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Have you heard the tale that upholstery cleaning will extend the life of your furniture? It sounds like an old wives’ tale, but it’s not just your mother in-law pestering you about having a cleaner home. It’s true. Having your upholstery cleaned regularly will keep it looking new even after a few years, and you likely won’t have to replace your furniture for at least seven to ten years.

Will Upholstery Cleaning Really Extend the Life of My Furniture?

Removing the Grime

 Your favorite couches and chairs are likely filled with dust, dirt, body oils, and strange odors that are secretly working to deteriorate your upholstery. Grime and stains are nothing to be embarrassed about; they’re signs that your furniture is well-loved. However, it may be time to schedule that cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning is more than simply vacuuming and wiping down the furniture. It helps remove the grime, stains, and allergens from the fibers in the upholstery to keep it clean and lasting longer. You’ll even find that cleaning your upholstery gives you cleaner air in your home because your couches are no longer clinging onto all that dust and filth.

Preserving the Fibers

 Like any fabric, your upholstery is made up of fibers. As you might have guessed, these fibers are good at collecting any filth that comes their way. That filth causes them to weaken over time, shortening the lifespan of your upholstery. A good upholstery cleaning can help preserve the fibers, but you’ll want to avoid harsh cleaners or lots of scrubbing because that will only cause the fibers to break down faster.

A good way to keep this in check is by catching stains right away. The sooner you clean up that spilled grape juice, the less harsh cleaning your upholstery will have to endure.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Unfortunately, not even routine cleaning can stop the regular aging and natural deterioration that occurs over time, so you will have to eventually replace your favorite couches and chairs. At Undisputed Steamers, we are devoted to giving your furniture the longest lifespan possible, so you can keep those good memories in your home. Give us a call to schedule your upholstery cleaning today.