What’s That Smell? It Might Be Time for Pet Odor Removal!

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When you’re in your home with your pets every day, it’s easy to become blind to the different pet scents lingering around the house, but it doesn’t take long for a new house guest to get a whiff of them. You may be able to prevent some pet odors from filling up your house by using these tips:

  • Act fast while the stain is still fresh. If your pet has left you an unpleasant surprise on the carpet, acting fast could prevent a stain and a lingering stench. Use paper towels to remove as much of the urine as possible and use cool, clean water to rinse it out before drying it again.

What’s That Smell? It Might Be Time for Pet Odor Removal!

  • Clean machine-washable items. If your pet has soiled the bed sheets or enjoys napping on a specific blanket or pillow, you can run it through the washer with regular detergent. You might consider adding a bit of baking soda to the load if it’s a particularly strong odor.
  • Vacuum regularly. Besides urine, one of the largest culprits of that foul pet odor is their dander and fur. We all know that fur gets everywhere, but vacuuming regularly can help with pet odor removal in your home as well as returning your carpets and upholstery to their original colors.

What if the Scent is Still There?

The techniques above are great preventative measures and temporary fixes for removing pet odors, but you’ll want those odd pet odors removed entirely if you plan on selling the house or getting your security deposit back when you move.

Whether you’re getting ready to move or you have a complicated odor, you can call us at Undisputed Steamers for a professional pet odor removal. We will use professional steam cleaning technology, powerful enzyme cleaners, and deodorizers to remove the odors entirely and restore your carpets to help them last longer.